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Ord. No. 2018-01 ‎(Amending Section 9.240.290 of the Jurupa Valley Municipal Code Concerning Accessory Dwelling Units)‎[Icon] 11 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-02 ‎(Regulations for pallet yards, conditionally permit pallet yards in the M-H zone)‎[Icon] 8 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-04 ‎(Restricting parking of unattached commercial trailers and trailers in excess of 25 feet)‎[Icon] 3 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-05 ‎(Amending 9.250 -temporary events- clarifing the requirements including new standards and provisions)‎[Icon] 9 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-06 ‎(Prohibiting commercial cannabis activities and marijuana dispensaries, with certain limited exceptions for medical marijuana cultivation, in all zones in the city)‎[Icon] 13 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-07 ‎(Amending Sections 9.245.010, 9.245.020, and 9.245.030 of Chapter 9.245 of the Jurupa Valley Municipal Code concerning regulation of outdoor advertising structures)‎[Icon] 18 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-08 ‎(Amending the Municipal Code concerning guest quarters)‎[Icon] 4 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-09 ‎(Chapter 15.80 Community Choice Aggregation Program - Western Community Energy)‎[Icon] 4 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-10 ‎(Amending Section 6.20.160 Concerning fines for vending from a mobile vending facility)‎[Icon] 4 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-11 ‎(Amending Sections 6.20.010, 6.20.020, 6.20.110 Concerning vending from a mobile vending facility)‎[Icon] 8 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-12 ‎(Adding Chapter 3.85 to increase minimum bidding requirements)‎[Icon] 5 City Clerk
Ord. No. 2018-14 ‎(An Ordinance of the People of the City of Jurupa Valley, California, adding Chapter 11.45 ‎("Exempted Commercial Cannabis Activity")‎ to Title 11 ‎("Peace, Morals, and Safety")‎ to the Jurupa Valley Municipal Code)‎[Icon] 22 City Clerk
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